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The theme team
The theme team of "Sweet Runs" will finally be in the team counselor teacher: "Classmates, you make me happy, but I am even more shocked. The performance of the three classes of classmates in six years is great! Let the teacher look at each other..." The end is over. At that moment, I saw the excitement, the touch, the warmth, the excitement, and the confidence after being recognized. The success of this team meeting is the result of the joint efforts of all the students, and it is the result of our "small class leader" Gao Ning. The teacher is deeply grateful to you here! When you copy a story, poetry, three sentences and a half of a piece of work that you find on a computer and read it on the book, I can't help but admire you, the child, the four or five pieces of content you want. How long does it take to copy? If you have a student like this, can our team still be unsuccessful? Next, you will distribute the information you have found and found by Gao Yihang and Zhang Yiming to each group and implement it to everyone. In order to make the team more rich, your four classes of cadres also rehearsed three and a half. Self-directed, from the stage to the action design to the drum rhythm are so pleasing to the ears Su Chunyang, Yu Mushi, Chen Yibo, Li Jie, Mao Yijie, Wang Shengqi, Gao Yihang, you perform the essay "The harm of not reading After repeated rehearsals, deletions, additions, and even on-the-spot play, while making everyone laugh, the students understand the importance of reading hard and let me see your performances. The number of Allegro shows. The crisp sound, the neat rhythm, won the applause of the students. Looking back at the preparation process, I am still very excited Marlboro Gold. Although I have carefully selected the phrase "Reading for the Book", I am not satisfied with some of the contents. After school at noon, several of your "big talents" will study together while studying. It is necessary to combine rhymes with reality. Just listen to Gao Ning and say: "I like "Sherlock Holmes", wit and bravely break the odd case." I can't help but cheer, Zhang Yiming was inspired, and thought excitedly: "The King of the Dead King" revealed me, experienced the storm Ning added: "The Tibetan Mastiff" is really wonderful Marlboro Cigarettes, shaping the soul of the mother cliff sheep. "I read it over and over again..." Think again? At this time, Dong Mingxin and Huang He made a sentence of me, and finally decided: "The Tibetan Mastiff" is really wonderful, and the mother loves to mold the soul. "We have prepared the lines together. The next step is to practice lunch. You are very excited. You are rushing to think about this program. In order to get more students to get exercise, seven students are selected and the lines are assigned step by step. After the completion of the division, I was temporarily called to the meeting. This task fell to the wise Zhang Yiming. You decisively assigned, and deleted and changed some content, and led your team members to practice. Especially Wu Jialin, although the language expression is your weakness, but the next day you fluently recited the lines, I believe that the whole class will give you a thumbs up in your heart. Du Xinyang, who is in charge of the team song Marlboro Lights, works. After a period of training, after a group of Sun Yiming��s instructions, the movements are more standardized and powerful, and the command is very different. Here, the teacher will apologize to you and look at the photos of the team Cheap Cigarettes. Without leaving your commanding figure, there are some regrets. There will be some in the future, you have to cheer! I will give you the most beautiful command photo. Nine girls The little chorus "Reading Lang", although the preparation time is very short, the formation rehearsal, the action arrangement is not in place, but your singing is enough to add a beautiful color to our team. Sun Qi, Mao Yijie, Song Xueyu, Qu Bozhen, Dong Mingxin Tan Chaohong, your story is short, but the content is equally exciting, and the voices of the students can always appreciate and admire the students. Gao Jingcong, Tian Jiaxuan, Zhang Boyong, Zhang Yiming, and Gao Ning��s good books are also recommended. The people are bright. Gao Jingcong Wen Wen Er Ya, Tian Jiayu is generous, Zhang Bo swimming is full of energy, Gao Ning is lively and confident, Zhang Yiming is full of passion Cigarettes Online, you take us into one touching story, one after another wonderful chapter. Moderator, Feng Siyu, Zheng Zheng, Zhang Jiantong, Zhang Jiaming, you have to be familiar with the concatenation of words in a short time, but also full of emotions and loud voices; it is not easy to have a smile and a good movement. Teacher Xiao Dong��s assault training is really a great improvement. Finally, I will solemnly launch the students who have quietly paid. However, you did not stand in front of the podium to perform for everyone, but you also worked hard for our team to succeed. On that day, your school uniforms were the most neat, your poetry readings were the most emotional, and your sitting posture was the most standard... I know, You are afraid that your own negligence has affected the honor of our big family. Thank you, dear children!
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