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ry and the village c
It has been more than 10 years since I left the remote mountain village. I rarely meet people in the mountain village. Of course, I rarely drink the mellow Baogu wine. However, the days of working in the mountain village have made me unforgettable for a long time, because the people there are simple, straightforward, enthusiastic, sincere, without the sleek and hypocritical elements, the simple, straight, warm smile and the natural mellow Baogu wine. Every moment has come to my mind Parliament Cigarettes. It was more than 10 years ago, I was transferred to a township job in the remote county. At that time, I didn't think there was anything strange. Everywhere was work, so I didn't pay any price with the organization. I arrived at the remote place on time and reported that I was working the next day. It was only when I arrived at the remote town that I felt that the conditions were very difficult Carton Of Cigarettes. The township government was surrounded by mountains, half a square kilometer in the middle, and there were only ten households outside the township government, a school, and a supply and marketing cooperative Cigarettes For Sale. It will be there during the day and it will be cold in the evening. The wind is very strong, the doors and windows are squeaky, so that you can't sleep for a night, always feel very uncomfortable. Later, as a member of the team during the division of labor, I was assigned to pack a remote village. The village I covered was called Shuanghe. The geographical conditions were quite bad. The mountains and valleys were deep, and there were only winding and narrow paths, and the traffic was inconvenient. Every time I go to work in the village, I have to walk more than 10 miles down to the bottom of the valley. When I move, I have to walk more than 10 miles of steep slopes. Almost every time I turn back, my clothes are soaked with sweat. However, I did not discourage myself. I insisted on going to the village often, taking the family to the west, understanding the production and living conditions of the masses, and being welcomed by the masses everywhere, and I was very trustful. The old branch secretary said that I am straightforward, and the village chief said that I am kind. They see that I am not only seen from one aspect. First, I can see from the work. I work hard and are not afraid of being tired. I walked up the mountain road with the village cadres, drilled the jungle, and never hungered in the hungry stomach. Second, I saw it from the drinking side, whether it was the village. Cadres drink alcohol or drink with the masses Newport Cigarettes Coupons, clink a cup of dry mouth, do not swear by punching, and drink it without saying anything. In the mountain village are their homemade earthenware and the Baogu, which they planted, and the pure glutinous rice wine that they baked out. It tastes pure and fragrant, and it is drunk and has little effect on the body. Once, together with the branch secretary and the village committee director, I went to a village group to supervise the management of flue-cured tobacco fields. When the villager Liu Lao Erjia, Liu Lao Er just took a rest for lunch. Seeing us, he was very happy and warmly greeted us to sit at home. Then I cut a half of the bacon on the upper floor, burned and washed, and kept busy. During the busy season, seeing him so enthusiastic, but also for us to delay the farm work, my heart is really unwilling to go. We insisted on leaving and didn't want to delay his farm work, but he insisted on keeping us. In a short while, the fragrant bacon was fried and a pot of toasted corn was added. At the beginning, everyone poured a bowl full of Baogu wine in front of them. Liu Lao Er picked up the wine bowl and smiled and said: "The cadres in your village, the cadres in the village work hard for us, come and respect you. "A cup", everyone lifted the wine bowl and the head was dry and clean. Although Baogu wine is simple and fragrant, it will be drunk if you drink too much. I remember that I drunk five or six times a day, and when I transferred back to the village committee director Online Cigarettes, I had no spirit. I fell asleep and slept, and I didn��t want anything. I didn��t worry about it. Because of the change in work, I called out. The remote mountain village, and finally returned to the village of my package, and bid farewell to the village cadres. On that day, the village bought a chicken, a whole piece of bacon, and a pot of cooked lotus residue, a bucket of Baogu wine, invited more than a dozen representatives of the masses. I am very excited and grateful, and a feeling of reluctance is born. I want to leave the mountain village where I have been working for a few years, and I have to leave the simple and enthusiastic people in the mountains. I am really reluctant. I volunteered to take a turn and everyone scored six punches. Everyone is in the middle, I have a cup with
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