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There is a big road i
There is a big road in the country, and there is a villa on the side of the road. In a ditch near the villa, there is a beautiful green grass with a small daisy in the green grass. The sun shines warmly and brightly, and it grows constantly. One morning, its flowers are in full bloom, and the little petals of light are scattered around the center of a golden sun. Although it is born in the grass, people will not see it. It may be considered a pitiful one. The humble little flower, but it is very happy, because it can drop its head to the sun, licking the sun, listening to the lark singing in the air. The great existence of life, growth, and even flowering and fruitfulness. Daisy also treated the Monday of the flower as a great day. On this day, the children went to school. When they were sitting on the stool, the daisy was sitting on its small green stalk. Learn to understand God's kindness to the warm sun and to everything around you. Although the daisy can't talk, but everything it feels in the silence is sung loudly and beautifully by the Lark, it gaze with respect to this happy bird that can only sing, but It is not sad because of its inability to sing and fly. -- "I can see, I can listen." It thought, "The sun shines on me, the wind kisses me. Ah, I am born to be lucky! There are many prides in the fence, the less the aroma, the more pretentious A famous flower, such as the peony, always wants to expand as much as possible, and wants to open bigger than a rose, but unfortunately it does not know how great a person is. How big it is. It is the most magnificent Cigarettes For Sale, so it stands upright so that people can see them more clearly. The little daisies do not have vicious jealousy for them. On the contrary, it is thinking: "Thank God! I am so close to them, I can have a chance to appreciate the daisy's own humble happiness and happiness--the lark does not fly to the peony or the tulip, but flies to the little daisy in the grass, this only The bird danced around it and sang "Oh, how soft the grass is! Look, this is a sweet little flower - its heart is gold, its clothes are silver!" Who can Experience the happiness of the little daisies! Because it really has a yellow heart that looks like gold and a lot of small petals that are as white as silver. Moreover, the Lark kissed it with his mouth, sang a song to it, and flew to the blue sky. With a shy and happy mood, Xiao Dai glanced at the flowers in the garden. The flowers must have seen the glory and happiness they received. They must also understand how happy this is; but the tulip is still They are so proud, their faces are still very rigid, and the peony is still not clear-headed. They always look at themselves very high and look for troubles. When the tulip was cut off by a little girl with a bright knife, the daisy was glad that she was a small flower born in the grass. After the sun went down, it rolled up the petals and fell asleep. It dreamed of the sun and the beautiful bird all night. Later, unfortunately, the Lark died, and the children held a grand funeral for him. He received honor and many tears But no one thought that the one who cares most about the Lark and is most willing to comfort him is the obscure little daisy Wholesale Cigarettes. This fairy tale named "Daisy" is beautiful, simple, poetic, and contains philosophical ideas. With a little sentimentality. I originally wanted to make a choice for it, let my narrative end in the place where the little daisy "dreams of the sun and the beautiful bird all night". It can be read several times and it feels relieved. . What is life? What is fate? Why do we bother to avoid the cruelty inherent in life? Although the daisy is not noticed, it has a power to perceive love and grateful life, and has a margin of concern and kindness to others, so it can establish a kind relationship with others, and live a A real and sincere life, then what does it matter if it is "thrown into the dust on the road"?
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