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In a hurry, time
In a hurry, time went into the suburbs of July, and the corn seedlings in the suburbs have already grown to half-human height. The green and oily seedlings are like the life of a race. In the summer of July, there is no doubt that they should It is the most dazzling text on the stage of the season. The northern part of the summer is full of greenery. Mountains, fields, cities, rural areas, mountains, villages, bridges, nowhere, let us feel in the green eyes. At the end of this greenery, I felt a breath of youth coming to me. At this moment, I really want to become a butterfly, dancing in this floral fragrance, no longer just learning to do winter. A dry leaf, and only that waiting in a distant place. It may be that for a long time without writing, when I encountered this greenery, there was no touch in the depths of my heart. Isn��t my only spirituality evaporated by this dry heat? So, I want to put myself in the house and slowly let my long-lost thoughts ferment. I can't forget my responsibility because of my own needs. I don't want to forget the promise of God when I talk to me because of my own small profits. One thing for me, that is a life's trust to read here, maybe someone will be confused, what exactly do you mean by this? A green, a butterfly, a light rain, how can you disturb your calm heart in this season? Living is going to struggle in the days, so it is inevitable that there is a tangled feeling in my heart. Therefore, at some time, we always want to find a proper reason for our own actions, just like thirsty, we have to drink water, it is cold. We have to make fires. Nowadays, I walked into a summer without knowing it. On this hot summer day, I chose to use enthusiasm to moisturize this summer mood, look at the full fruit of the mountain, and listen to the birdsong in the woods, but In this mad season, I dare not show weakness to this growing life, because I have given me strength in this mad life, so I can't help but keep my life's steps in the rush of footprints. I am going to find July in this hot land, and the rain in the north is getting more and more. The rainy summer drenched the inspiration that I haven't seen for a long time, so I was like a lost child, standing on a green hill, looking at the rain, listening to the rain how many times passed this season, because for a while Negligence, and forget the smile in the rain; how many times to go through this season, because of their own carelessness, and almost let yourself into this summer's quagmire. Today, I am again with the summer, to see the greens that I once met, I suddenly realized that summer will make us miss many moods! In fact, today's words are inseparable from such a mood. Because I have missed many moods in summer, but every time, I pray for forgiveness and understanding. If I don��t cherish this summer mood, one day, God will eventually discover that I am like this shameless person. I got rid of the world window because I got the understanding of others Newport Cigarettes. I don��t know when it rained again. The heavy rain drowned all my thoughts in an instant. The rain hit the glass and blurred my eyes. The raindrops splashed on the roof. Or on the building, I collided and made a loud noise. I always thought that the rain was the gentlest, but look at the heavy rain in front of me. The huge raindrops are just as strong, the same is so strong, the same is true. Strong, and the brightest voice to the world! Looking at the rain outside the window, I found a courage in this summer rain. One person, on the road of walking, can lose everything, but must not have no courage. With this positive attitude, we will overcome everything. We will surely achieve maximum bloom in our pursuit, because this world needs us to hold this brave belief. Thinking of this, I will never dare to ignore this summer rain. On the contrary, I will actively adjust my own mood and run a long way in the relay race. This is also the reason why I have written this text for a long time, in a hurry. There is no extra thoughts. Look at the sky and see the land. I am like a corpse and a beast, but I am blind to the pleasures, but I am outside the world. Since then, I have come to really envy the grass on the hillside of my hometown Marlboro Gold. In the summer, I have tried my best to show my beauty to the world Cheap Cigarettes, such as green grass and grass, dancing in the cool summer wind. When we look at it, we will find that the mentality that has been purified by the world culture is actually no match for the weeds that grow on the slopes of the wilderness. So the brave rain does not know when to stop, but it gradually wets my summer heart
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