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changing, she always tells the
Tears because you have meaning, rain is not rain, she is my tears and heart----there is rain under the sky---the rain seems to be the tears of the tears, the rain is like a wonderful piano sound that rain It seems to be the sound of the cup falling. The rain is like the echo of the soul, infiltrating my cells, touching my nerves, reaching the depths of my heart. I don��t love rain when I was young. Not only do I not love, but also hate rain. I am like rain. It is a pair of friends. In my heart, the sky is crying, I will worry about the blue sky, I can't run wild in the wilderness, walk in the woods, lie on the grass by the lake, play freely, love a small, love nature The child��s emotional blow is undoubtedly heavy, but then I changed, all for him, he loves the rain, and he loves the rain deeply. It was drizzling that day. Through the rain, I saw his sly face. His youth had already been stolen by time. Time changed his face and distorted his character, but his heart was never change. "You must study hard, and when you get into a prestigious university in the future Newport Cigarettes, you can enjoy it." He touched my hair with the hand that I didn't know how much I had been stabbed by pain. "Actually, I only hope that you." The happiness that has passed, the meaning that has passed, like the rain, dedication to herself, she left the footprints in every corner of the earth, she gave the nutrients to the earth Marlboro Cigarettes, seemingly no trace, but the dense flowers, green The grass, the tall tree, is not her trace. She is the source of beauty and happiness, and also a hymn of life. She sometimes talks about the hardships of life, and sometimes excites the joy of success, the lingering Rain is the crystallization of nature, which can evoke the beauty buried deep in the human heart. She is the beat of life, the sea and the sky, the sun is changing, she always tells the beauty and shortness of time, although time can change the face, but To change my heart forever, listen to DD "The Seal of the Rain", every note is a cute elf Carton Of Cigarettes, angel, they are spinning in the sky, flying, calling. The heart is also said to be captive, crisp notes, so elegant, rain Yes It��s beautiful. It��s going to be a friend sooner or later. But when the time flies, Grandpa, have you heard my call? If you haven��t had time to talk to you, you will leave early. Have you heard the seal of the rain? My own imprint, I will follow your wishes, for myself, to live a full life, have you heard the call of my heart, now only in front of your grave to tell the mark of the rain, I will bring some flowers to you Let your immortal soul experience the imprint of the rain, the song echoes on my side, and with the rest, the tears fall down. The tears sublimate because of the heart, and the rush does not know from which moment the heart becomes sensitive. I don��t know. For whom, I was moved into the water, and for whom the enthusiasm turned into a tearful grandfather��s raining as my tears, the rain in the rain of the rain poured down
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